Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This past weekend I made my way up to Frontenac to meet up with this fun family:)  Thanks Michelle & Bill for inviting me into your home, your family is beautiful!!
Meet little Greyson, he is 4.5 months and so darn cute!
and Alec; Mr. Parcheesi, himself:)
Little guys with their big brother Cort and big sister Braeden.  I think this is my favorite from today!
And mom and dad, such sweet people; they sure don't look like they've had four kids!
Here's a shot for Braeden, she is so beautiful!  She's got the most awesome room, it's hot pink!!
Thanks again, you guys!  Enjoy!


  1. Great shots, amazing light in front of a window too. love them!

  2. What a fun family! I LOVE the shot of the 4 kid faces - so cool!!!

  3. What a lovely family! Great light in these.

  4. Such a beautiful family! Love that second shot!!

  5. Oh I love these! I really really love the one with all of their faces lined up! Adorable!

  6. Those are fabulous!! What a gorgeous family!

  7. Wow! These are fabulous! The second one gave me a big ol' smile!