Saturday, December 19, 2009

Arabella & Teagen

Tanya, Brad...your family is gorgeous!  Love the little personalities that Bella & Teagen clearly already have:)
My fave family shot from the series we took...Arabella was diggin the tongue today!

Miss Bella bein all cute;)

Bella & Mommy...Brad you are one lucky guy!

Mr. Teagen.  7 month old little ham, loved his sweet chub!  Ugh and that toosh...don't even get me started

Teagen sharing a sweet moment with Daddy!

These guys weren't too into the pictures anymore by this point, but I think this one is still pretty stinkin cute!

And my swooning of the day:
Mmmm, lashes.  What I (anyone?) would do for these lashes....

And, baby feet.  One of those things that just never gets old to me.  Oh, did I mention I love babies in pinstripe pants?  
Happy Sunday all, can't believe it's almost Christmas!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Angie's Sweet Fam!

I had a great time yesterday chatting and taking pictures with Angie and her family, thanks for coming guys! 
Meet the men: Dave and Ben

And their gorgeous ladies: Angie and Zoe

We had a little PJ party!

Here's sweet Christmas-y Zoe:)

And look at this little stinker...he sure is cute!

Be in touch soon guys, hope you had a great rest of the weekend!!!!